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Emergency Management  

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AWD provides Emergency Management support to Federal Agencies which can be easily applied to State and Local Governments. We provide technical assistance, support, analysis, and evaluation in the areas of emergency management related activities to Federal agencies to ensure they are ready, trained and prepared to disseminate information to the public, and to act in the event of an emergency whether it be an Act of God or terrorist attack.

Our Subject Matter Experts:

• Develop draft performance documents and procedures supporting emergency management programs.

• Perform technical reviews of documents such as emergency plans, readiness assurance plans, exercise planning documents, and exercise and event after action reports.

• Perform technical reviews, comment preparation, and tracking of hazards surveys, emergency planning hazards assessments, and emergency planning zone basis documents.

• Develop and deliver emergency management training.

• Support developing, planning, control, and evaluation of drills and exercises.

• Maintain facility Notification Systems including data, scenarios, testing, rotation and operational procedures.

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